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Food and Wine: The Pearls of Veneto

In addition to the beauty of Lake Garda, the charm of the Dolomites, the sea of Jesolo, the enchantment of Venice, the green hills with vineyards, but also an immense artistic and historical heritage among villages and breathtaking landscapes, (and that should be enough to convince you to visit) Veneto is a land of culinary excellence.

The popular Prosecco

Nestled between the steep slopes and spectacular geometries of the hills, Prosecco, a world-renowned wine, is produced. The Prosecco hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, located in the province of Treviso, form a winemaking region that produces the celebrated Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOCG. The history of these hills dates back to the 1930s, but the roots of viticulture in this area are much older. In the Middle Ages, after land abandonment due to barbarian raids, vine cultivation resumed thanks to the intervention of nobles and monasteries.

In 2019, the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a cultural landscape. The winemakers’ work has created a unique scenery: a particular checkerboard landscape characterized by rows of vines parallel and vertical to the slope.

So rare as to be protected

However, Veneto is not synonymous with just excellent wines. This region is one of the main protagonists of the Italian agri-food sector, with a rich variety of top-quality raw materials, typical dishes, and local “rituals”, such as Venetian bacari or the traditional Venetian “tapas”. Some prized products are so rare that they are included among the Slow Food Presidia, an initiative that aims to safeguard products at risk of extinction and the groups of farmers, breeders, and fishermen who produce them.

Among these products stands out the red Treviso radicchio, considered the “king of radicchio.” A protected geographical indication (IGP) vegetable product, nicknamed “the land lobster” or “the edible flower,” it is a particular variety of chicory. Usually divided into two varieties, Precoce and Tardivo, both awarded the IGP designation. Appearing in Italy around the 16th century, radicchio, initially considered a poor man’s food, is today very precious and renowned due to the complex cultivation and processing process. Characterized by long, intense red-purple leaves and a white main rib, it has a bitter taste and a good crunchiness. According to the production regulations, Treviso Red Radicchio IGP can be grown and produced exclusively in Treviso, Padua, and Venice provinces.

Another prized Venetian product, also a Slow Food presidium, is white pearl corn. Polenta, a staple dish of the region, is commonly associated with the yellow version; however, until the post-war period, in the Polesine, Treviso, and Venice areas, a white polenta was mainly cooked, considered more valuable. This white polenta, also called “di Treviso”, is obtained from slender ears of corn with large, pearly white, and glassy grains. Fine, delicate, and savory, it is unsurpassed when paired with dishes of poor river and lagoon fish.

Unique flavors of this land

Many typical Veneto products are closely linked to historical recipes, and one of the main characteristics is the incredible savoriness that unites this land’s foods and delicacies. We have:
Asiago, a famous PDO cheese, made from cow’s milk and produced in Asiago, in the mountain huts. With a delicate and almost pungent flavor, it goes well with meats, vegetables, cured meats, bread, fruit and jams, and honey;
– The white onion of Chioggia, another precious product with a strong flavor, used in many typical Venetian dishes, such as sardines in saor;
– The Livenza eel, a delicacy of the region, is a typical eel with light-colored skin;
Bigoli, a typical fresh pasta format made with re-ground semolina and bronze-drawn, reminiscent of thick and chunky spaghetti, perfect for holding sauces.
– Finally, don’t miss the baccalà “alla vicentina” or “alla veneziana”, prepared with stockfish creamed with milk and spices until an irresistible cream is obtained, served on croutons, polenta, and other delicate combinations.

In short, Veneto is a destination full of beauty and overwhelming flavors, accompanied by good wine. Don’t miss out on the flavors of this region, so rich in excellence and traditions.

Around our hotel there are numerous wineries or farms that can offer you a taste of the flavors and aromas of this land, to name a few, Tenuta Borgoluce, Cantina Ornella Molon, and Castello di Roncade.

Enjoy your tasting!

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