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Magazine Launch

Dear Guests,

With immense pleasure, we welcome you to the beating heart of our community: the Move Journal. This space will be more than just a blog; it reflects a lifestyle. The key is movement for a dynamic journey to discover the territory.

Here, we immerse ourselves in the pages of culture, adventure, and exploration. We will tell you all the secrets of a great Prosecco, nature trips, and hidden castles; we will show you the most famous historical centers and the most characteristic corners, from Venice to Padua to Treviso, as you have never seen them before.

But above all, we share one fundamental belief: To Live is to Move, to Move is to Travel, and to Travel is to Be Changed.

In these lines, you will find tips on places to visit, experiences to live, and the energy of a lifestyle you will make your own. Because here, at Move Hotels, it is not just about providing you with a comfortable stay and impeccable service but about creating an authentic connection that goes beyond the walls of our establishment, a place that is a source of inspiration for you, where the pleasure of what is to come is in the air.

The Magazine is a space entirely dedicated to you, dear Movers. It is a tool designed to enrich your experience, guide you to discover hidden treasures and make every journey an opportunity for personal growth. We are here for you to listen, share stories, and be a tangible part of your journey.

Through articles, interviews, tips, and stories, we invite you to explore the territory surrounding Move Hotels and let yourself be inspired by the endless possibilities each place offers. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

Every page is an invitation to discover, connect, and transform. You are the protagonists of this adventure, and we are excited to accompany you along the way.

We wish you a pleasant read and, above all, an abundance of emotions to experience.


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